How to Use the Self-Assessment Program
The Self-Assessment Program is divided into two, 100-question modules:  the practice and the timed.  
Devise your exam prep strategy with the practice module by establishing your baseline, focusing your review, and then closing the knowledge gap.   
  • Establish your baseline:  Completing the practice module the first time yields a baseline score, which is shown in relation to peers who have completed this test before you.  Strengths and weaknesses are identified within the 11 exam competency areas established by IBHRE (see below).
  • Focus your review:  The opportunity to review the correct answers to each question, and the accompanying question-specific feedback and references, enable you to develop your study and review path.
  • Close the gap:  Unlimited retakes of the practice test allow you to systematically close the knowledge gap until you are ready for the timed module.   
Your progress is automatically saved when you close out of the practice module.
Simulate the actual exam with the timed module.  Once you begin the timed module, you will have two hours and fifteen minutes to complete the 100 questions.  There is no way to pause or stop the running clock once this module has begun; when the time limit is reached, your answers will be submitted automatically.  
This timed module can only be taken once.  Your score is then shown in relation to peers who have completed the timed test before you.
Areas of Competency identified by the Internaional Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners:
  1. Fundamentals of Electrophysiology and Electronics  
  2. Applied Science and Technology
  3. Pharmacology
  4. Electrocardiography
  5. Clinical Assessment 
  6. Perioperative Practice / Clinical Practice
  7. Safety
  8.  Patient and Device Follow-up Management 
  9.  Clinical Trials
  10. Radiology
  11. Cardiac Life Support
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